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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello my friends,

It has been a few weeks since my last blog.  Nothing too interesting has happened since my last blog, but I have continued to recover well.  I am still trying to cook tasty meals for my family.  Today is a special day, my daughter Liliana is turning 22 years old.  I can't believe how fast time passes by.  Last night we were talking about how things will happen in the order in which God wants them to occur and how they will not happen before or after.  If I did not have my children when I did,  because of my autoimmune disease, I probably would not have had any children.  An even though I lost my kidneys and have had many health problems, God has blessed our family with love, unity and had given us a comfortable life.  Had it not been for my kidney disease I would not have become a realtor and would probably still be working for some one else an d living in the valley.   So rather than sitting here feeling sorry for my self, I choose to sit here and thank God for all his blessings and invite all of you who may bee feeling down or stressed to do the same.   Life is too short to be sad.   God bless all of you on this most joyful day.

 So since today is going to be a long day and Brenda my youngest does not get home till after 7pm, we decided to celebrate a pre-birthday yesterday.  I cooked for Liliana her favorite meal,  Pozole.

Here is the recipe.

1 large can of Hominy  (Make sure you strain out water from can and rinse off your hominy before adding to soup pot)

7 pounds of pork   (neck bones and pork stew meat combo).
1 large white onion
4 cloves garlic chopped
2 tablespoons Knorr chicken base (crumbled)
2 tsp. black pepper
2 tsp.  menudo mix
1 tsp.  ground clove
1 fresh bay leaf
1 small can Las Palmas mild enchilada sauce

Place all the above in a large soup pot and bring to a boil.  Once it is boiling lower heat and cook for approximately 3-4 hours until meat and hominy are soft and tender.    Serve warn with some Pozole toppings.

Toppings for Pozole:

Shredded cabbage
chopped onion
thin slices of radish

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